Yamaha R1 by Gregg’s Customs

Gregg’s Customs 2013 Yamaha R1 featuring SO many goodies! Check this thing out…

GC Yamaha R1

Greggs Customs built 2013 Yamaha R1

We built this 2013 Yamaha R1 for a customer who wanted to stand out a bit. The carbon body work was already on the bike but the customer really wanted to set it off, so he asked us to do some upgrades.

We started with a couple pieces from inventory to clean up the front of the bike. Mirror block off plates and flush-mount turn signals were powdercoated to match the bike’s grey bodywork. We then set off to make some more dramatic changes to the bike. A custom exhaust was fabbed up to fit the factory location, but with smaller tubes and billet end-caps. This really let the cross-plane’s engine notes be heard! Next was building the hand-made single sided swingarm for the bike.This trellis style arm would hold the 240 rear tire mounted on a Ducati Diavel rear rim. The front Diavel wheel was made to fit the factory R1 rotors with a cnc’d adapter plate. Then it was off to the oven with them. A particularly eye-catching color of blue for the rims with a flat clear over it, so they didn’t scream too loud, really set this bike off! The bike has the perfect balance of subtle bling, and if the rims don’t catch your eye, you might walk right by  and miss all the details on this bike. Being that the R1 is one of our favorite bikes to customize (and ride) we were more than happy to have this 2013 Yamaha R1 roll out of the shop and into your social media feeds for a good portion of 2016. Cheers! On to the next one!

Bike Specs: Gregg’s Customs 2013 Yamaha R1

Gregg’s Customs Single Sided Swingarm
Gregg’s Customs exhaust
Gregg’s Customs LED turn signals
Gregg’s Customs mirror blockoffs
Gregg’s Customs countershaft sprocket guard
Gregg’s Customs front brake rotor adapters
Carbon fiber tank, tail, front fender & bellypan
Case savers – cerakoted
CRG rearsets
ASV Levers
Ducati Diavel wheels front & rear
-Powder-coated by Gregg’s Customs

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